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I · have · measured · out · my · life · in · coffee · spoons

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In Vancouver I'm still 25... in Ottawa I'm 26.
I love to dance.
We'll have to postpone Ottawa Birthday celebrations.
I'm going to Montreal.
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All i want for christmas is my 2 front teeth.
... and a tool kit.

Last night i learned a lesson - the word teeth is not interchangable with wrench.
Fortunately the damage is not huge, but if you take a good look at my mouth you'll notice the new symetrical triangle of empty space at the bottom of my upper 2 front teeth.

Chipped tooth is the new Gold tooth.

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les lettres d'amour, on devrait pouvoir les dessiner, les peindre, les crier. ~ colette
... ou dans mon cas tout simplement les exprimer sans crainte.
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wow wow wow wow wow

my final papers are finished and handed in.
as of yesterday.


as per usual i will now embark on my post-chaos celebratory cleaning extravaganza. I always get excited for this part. and the truth is I’m not even being derisive.

let’s chill before the windstorm.

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Stranger Than Fiction

Do yourserlf a favour and go see it!

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Tomorrow I must say goodbye to :: Milk products, Yeast, Eggs, Peanuts, Sugar, Chocolate, Garlic, Tomatoes, Condiments, and.... Coffee.

As y'all know my immune system is probably not one of the strongest around. I've gone through some testing and the results are in. And the results say there are many foods that my body cannot handle properly and make me sick, tired, and moody. So tomorrow begins the challenge - which I'm up for. Luckily I'll still be allowed one cup of coffee in the morning (i mean let's be honest - there is no denying me coffee in the A.M.)

I can do this.

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sleeping troubles
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I have the ability to be much smarter than I am. I have the common sense to want to live in knowledge and wisdom. Though I have not been wise and much of the time I am an idiot. How foolish.
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This morning is my lazy morning. Lazy could also be replaced with the word internet.

My first class is in the middle of the afternoon and until then I wont be doing anything that has to do with school (expect for practicing). My apartment is upside down and inside out. Literally. So my mission before I set out is to get the miss alvine all cleaned up and looking good again. I use the word mission because I dislike the word project. Another word which gives me the shivers is workshop. eww, eww, eww.

I'm thinking of spending the weekend in Montreal. I little getaway would be nice. And I would like to spend some time with old pals that I miss. However I will be in town tonight and probably for most of the day tomorrow and I would really like to hangout.

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current contextual framework; Mupsytho
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